For Workers Of All Types

Whether you’re a small business looking to expand into your first office, a freelancer looking for a creative environment outside the confines of your home, or a traveling professional seeking a reliable location full of amenities, Silver Screen Coworks has you covered.

Remote Workers

Working from home sounds like a dream-come-true to many, but it can be difficult to find a private setting to hold a meeting when the time comes. Our Day Passes provide the perfect solution for sporadic meetings; amenities included!

Amenities You’ll Love:

  • Fast & Reliable WiFi

  • Conference Room
  • Unlimited Beverages & Snacks

Coworking Location in Albany, NY for remote workers
Coworking Location in Albany, NY for small businesses

Small Businesses

Our open concept layout provides the perfect space for smaller companies to collaborate as a team and work independently as well.

Amenities You’ll Love:

  • Unlimited Black & White Printing

  • Ability To Collaborate & Network With Fellow Members

  • Meeting Room Equipped With HD Display 


Sometimes we all need a change of pace to keep us motivated, and Silver Screen Coworks provides an excellent alternative to noisy coffee shops or your home office.

Amenities You’ll Love:

  • Unlimited Snacks & Beverages

  • Fast & Reliable WiFi

  • Variety of Seating Options For Maximum Comfort

Coworking Location in Albany, NY for Freelancers
Coworking Located Near Albany, NY Airport, Hotels, Eateries & Retail Locations

Traveling Workers

We know how stressful it can be for a worker who is constantly traveling, so let us take some of the stress out of your day! Located right near the airport, you’re just a short taxi ride away from our comfortable coworking space full of amenities to keep you comfortable during your entire stay.

Amenities You’ll Love:

  • Located Near the Airport, Hotels, Eateries & Retail Locations

  • Fast & Reliable WiFi

  • Unlimited Snack & Beverages