For Workers Of All Types

Whether you’re a small business looking to expand into your first office, a freelancer looking for a creative environment outside the confines of your home, or a traveling professional seeking a reliable location full of amenities, Silver Screen Coworks has you covered.

Remote Workers

Working from home sounds like a dream-come-true to many, but it can be difficult to find a private setting free from distractions. Our designated desks provide the perfect solution to working in a stress-free environment; amenities included!

Amenities You’ll Love:

  • Fast & Reliable WiFi

  • Conference Room
  • Unlimited Beverages & Snacks

Coworking Location in Albany, NY for remote workers
Coworking Location in Albany, NY for small businesses

Small Businesses

Our one-person suites provide the perfect space for smaller companies to start-out. Your first office is a defining moment in the life of any entrepreneur, and our bright cheerful spaces make them the perfect choice.

Amenities You’ll Love:

  • Unlimited Black & White Printing

  • Ability To Collaborate & Network With Fellow Members

  • Meeting Room Equipped With HD Display 


Sometimes we all need a change of pace to keep us motivated, and Silver Screen Coworks provides an excellent alternative to noisy coffee shops or your home office.

Amenities You’ll Love:

  • Unlimited Snacks & Beverages

  • Fast & Reliable WiFi

  • Variety of Seating Options For Maximum Comfort

Coworking Location in Albany, NY for Freelancers