Silver Screen Coworks is

After months of deliberation, design work, organization and planning, Silver Screen Coworks is officially open for business!

Even though we’re still in the midst of decorating, finalizing furniture and a few smaller tasks here and there, we’re excited to share a first look at our wonderful new space.

The Meeting Room

  • Gorgeous Cherry Glass-Top table

  • 40″ Chrome-Cast Enabled 4K TV Screen With HDMI Connection

  • White Board

  • 6 Executive Chairs (Folding chairs available for larger groups)

  • Additional outlets for laptops or miscellaneous electronics

Private Suites

Our spacious Private Suites are large enough to accommodate two workers along with filing cabinets, bookcases, or decorative items you would like to include to personalize your space!

Each office comes equipped with two desks and two executive chairs, along with a 36″ x 24″ white board on the wall.


Designated Desks

There are six Designated Desk spaces, each with a rolling filing cabinet equipped with a locking drawer. Reserve yours today!


Open Workspace

Our space has a wide variety of Open Work Space areas with more to come! At the moment we have three desks located in front of our large windows, allowing for plenty of natural light along with a lovely view of the plaza. In addition there’s also our gorgeous lounge area with comfortable chairs, couch and a beautiful granite table for setting your equipment on. By next week we will be adding high top tables and chairs to this list, as well.


Food & Beverage

Everyone needs something to keep them going throughout the day. Whether you prefer coffee, tea, something cold, carbonated, sweet, salty or perhaps with a little extra kick, we have a variety to accommodate all preferences and tastes!


Our unisex bathroom is handicap accessible and stocked with complimentary hygiene products for all members to take advantage of whenever they desire.

Workshops & The Event Space

Our Main Area at Silver Screen Coworks was designed to hold up to forty people comfortably. The (future) high top tables can be moved for folding chairs and other pieces of furniture for your event as desired.

In the future we will be hosting workshops, seminars and other events so check our calendar frequently for updated information and dates.



Keep your coat, sweaters, etc clean and wrinkle free on our coat rack.

If you’re looking to walk close by and mother nature isn’t cooperating, feel free to use one of our complimentary umbrellas to stay dry in the rain!

Members have access to unlimited Black & White Wireless Printing as well as copy/scanning abilities.

We also provide a shredder, stapler, tape dispenser, scissors, pens & pencils for daily office needs.

Whether you’d like a cold glass of fresh water or piping hot for a cup of tea we have you covered!