It’s a unique time for people all around the globe, but even more-so for office workers.

The conundrum of needing a place to work while maintain a safe distance from others creates a perplexing challenge. Here at Silver Screen Coworks we have decided to adapt to the new way of life, embracing our new social norms in order to keep you working and keep you safe.

While certain elements of our office culture may change a bit, we’re working diligently to make certain that you still have the same positive and encouraging experience you’ve come to expect from Silver Screen Coworks.

Upon arrival we will request a temperature reading to ensure none of our members are running a fever. Any member who reads over 100.4 will be asked to work from home that day in order to prevent any potential exposure to our other members.

We ask that all members adhere to proper social distancing practices and that no one other than our members enter the space, whether this be clients, spouses, children, friends, family, etc.

Masks will be provided daily to our members as a courtesy so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting yours at home.

Hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and other cleaning products will be available to you at all times in order to keep your hands and your space free from viruses and harmful bacteria.

At the end of each day all surfaces and areas will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure your maximum safety every day you come to work.

Most importantly, every day will be filled with natural light, music to ignite your senses, all the same amenities we have always been proud to provide, and a collection of other members to keep you inspired and motivated during these trying times.

You may be a single member but together we make a community; one that not even a global pandemic can bring down.