A shared work environment that provides a unique opportunity to network and benefit from the knowledge of people in alternate industries. And if you prefer to work alone, well that’s acceptable too!

With the exception of Day Passes, all of our memberships include a business address.

You can expect the noise level to be comparable to any other office space. We will always encourage the utmost consideration among members when it comes to distractions and disturbing behavior that don’t include the sharing of ideas and business related discussions.

Absolutely! In this digital age we completely understand that a blazing fast internet connection is essential for the majority of businesses, which is why we’ll always make certain to ensure a fast and reliable WiFi connection.

Absolutely! As heavy coffee drinkers ourselves you can rest assured that fresh coffee will always be available from the very beginning until the end of the designated business hours. If coffee isn’t your preferred beverage we’ll also have a variety of hot teas, as well as water, beer and wine!

Yes! However you do so at your own discretion and we always ask that our members drink responsibly, both for the consideration of other members and for general safety concerns.

Silver Screen Coworks absolutely does not encourage the act of drinking and driving.

As pet owners ourselves, we understand the desire to keep our furry companions by our side as much as possible. However we unfortunately cannot accommodate pets at our current location, but absolutely encourage you to bring in pictures and brag as much as you’d like!

Our staff puppy, Shadow – a certified ESA – will be on premises most days so you’ll be able to get your doggy fix!

While we understand that emergencies are inevitable, we strongly encourage members to find care in an alternate location if possible out of consideration for the other members of the space.

You are more than welcome to bring your colleagues in for a scheduled meeting.

However, if they will be staying for the rest of the day, we will require each individual to obtain a day pass.

Memberships pertain to each individual, so encourage your colleague to become a member as well!

Yes! There is a refrigerator in the communal area near the snacks and drink bar to keep your food fresh, and a microwave to warm it whenever you’re ready.

You and your clients will never struggle to find parking thanks to our large parking lot in the back.

Yes! There’s a variety of food, retail, and service options in the same plaza our building is located in, and many more only a short distance away.

While not required we strongly urge all members to obtain renters insurance to protect them from unforeseen occurrences.

Our liability insurance DOES NOT cover the personal belongings/equipment of our members.

Well first off, congratulations! We may be sad to see you leave but we’ll be beyond excited to see you achieve such growth and prosperity!

When the time comes that you require a larger space we’ll be more than happy to help you expand. We have a large network of commercial contractors and realtors who will help make the transition as simple as possible.

Yes, you will need to supply all of the equipment required for your business, with the exception of a desk and chair.

At this time there are no designated lockers to secure personal items in the office.

Membership is on a month-to-month basis with no time commitment.

Membership payments are processed each month exclusively through your account on our website.

Of course! We’d be more than happy to give you a tour of our space, just call or fill out our Request A Tour form on the website.