Any parent who works from home is all too familiar with the struggle of separating their professional life from their personal one. With unfinished

coworking spaces are perfect for work-at-home parents

responsibilities relentlessly looming, working from home can be distracting to the point of detriment.

Because of this, it’s no surprise that many seek solace in alternate locations. In the past, these points of reprieve were typically coffee shops, malls, libraries, or other local establishments that offered a cozy seat and adequate WiFi. While they may have offered a refuge from personal priorities threatening to dislodge professional efforts, the hustle and bustle of individuals similar to themselves often disrupted their time just as much; if not more.

Which is why Coworking spaces are such a wonderful fit for mothers and fathers in need of an occasional respite from their home office. Coworking offers a wonderful combination of home comforts alongside professional amenities which allow working parents the solitude required to properly devote time to their business.

Whether you need one day here-and-there or several days a month, Silver Screen Coworks can accommodate your needs. As parents ourselves we understand the struggle all too well. For the success of a business, and the emotional well-being of a worker, everyone deserves a proper work environment to thrive in.

So give us a call today, or stop on in for the day and experience the difference for yourself!