New Year, New Office! Join Now & Save!

The start of a new year doesn’t solely apply to positive changes and new beginnings for the individual, they’re for your company as well! A time to stop procrastinating on all of the updates, the improvements and investments and make that push for greatness. Naturally, making such large changes is much easier said than actually done. Instead, rather than attempting to conquer the world right away, contemplate making a smaller change; one that could have quite a large impact on the future of your business. Consider a fresh start in a new location with a change of scenery. The [...]

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Software & Game Developers – A Perfect Coworking Match!

As our society continues to shift towards an ever-increasing dependence on technology, software developers have become an increasingly important resource in the business industry. Some of our most utilized tools and revolutionary applications have been designed by entrepreneurs dedicating countless hours to their craft. However, it can be difficult for these smaller companies to thrive properly under the financial constraints most struggle with initially. Which is why coworking provides a unique opportunity for these individuals who desire their own official work space. Not only does this change-of-atmosphere prevent the stifling of creativity working from home can exacerbate, it provides [...]

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Bored Working From Home? Try Coworking!

Working from home sounds like the dream scenario to many of those who are trapped inside the office every day. However, mostly anyone who has ever done remote work for extensive lengths of time knows that the solitude and monotony of spending all your time in one place eventually begins to wear you down. A change of pace can do wonders for energy levels; both mental and physical. While most people usually opt for a local coffee shop or even a public place, Coworking spaces are by far the superior option that most never consider! Many have the misconception [...]

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Coworking Spaces: A Great Solution for Work-From-Home Parents

Any parent who works from home is all too familiar with the struggle of separating their professional life from their personal one. With unfinished responsibilities relentlessly looming, working from home can be distracting to the point of detriment. Because of this, it’s no surprise that many seek solace in alternate locations. In the past, these points of reprieve were typically coffee shops, malls, libraries, or other local establishments that offered a cozy seat and adequate WiFi. While they may have offered a refuge from personal priorities threatening to dislodge professional efforts, the hustle and bustle of individuals similar to [...]

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What is a Coworking Office?

SHARED In its simplest form, Coworking is the shared usage of a large office space that has been divided into separate desks and/or office suites by multiple companies. PROFESSIONAL The lack of total exclusivity in regard to space within a coworking environment doesn’t negate the element of professionalism within. In fact, its quite the opposite. Coworking spaces tend to be creative hubs filled with ambitious entrepreneurs who fill the office daily with devotion, inspiration and unending creativity. ACCOMMODATING Many spaces provide an assortment of amenities designed to make your workday easier and your time there happier and more productive. From [...]

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