Working from home sounds like the dream scenario to many of those who are trapped inside the office every day. However, mostly anyone who has ever done remote work for extensive lengths of time knows that the solitude and monotony of spending all your time in one place eventually begins to wear you down.

A change of pace can do wonders for energy levels; both mental and physical. While most people usually opt for a local coffee shop or even a public place, Coworking spaces are by far the superior option that most never consider!

Many have the misconception that coworking spaces are only filled with full-time members; a perception that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, coworking spaces are intentionally filled with a variety of seating types for those who wish to work only for a day. And while your stay may be limited, you’ll still be treated to all of the high-end amenities that the Full-Timers enjoy.

In addition to a great Wi-Fi connection, comfortable seating, food and beverages, you’ll be surrounded by creative minds at every turn. A wealth of knowledge and even networking opportunities across a diverse assortment of industries will unquestionably ignite your creative mind which boredom and tedium have been stifling.

But you won’t know until you try it!

So, come give us a visit at Silver Screen Coworks and experience the coworking difference today!