How it began:

After experiencing the unique atmosphere of a shared work space it dawned on us that there was something quite special about the concept. A bit visceral in nature, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact feeling you’re exposed to in an environment that surround you with so many creative minds. OK, we’ll admit…having access to snacks and unlimited coffee (the good kind, not the “coffee flavored water” kind) influenced our decision a bit, as well.

Which is the entire point: Work-spaces don’t have to adhere to the stuffy, cold corporate formula that has been propagated for hundreds of years. In fact, work can be ENJOYABLE. In our opinion, shared office space is the future for entrepreneurs looking for a cost-effective way to manage and cross-network, all while exhibiting professionalism and legitimacy.

This new perspective motivated us to offer the same opportunity we had enjoyed. Through our own network of clients, we had the exceptional fortune of obtaining a space that went above and beyond anything we could have ever hoped for. A location that was once home to a theater whose movies delighted people of every age daily: a goal we hoped to actualize as well.

So, in honor of the decades of amusement and delight it once provided, we were thrilled to continue its legacy in name and style: Silver Screen Coworks.

Meticulously designed by Kaila and Anthony Troia with the assistance of the talented Rosetti team, Silver Screen Coworks has been transformed into a visual delight as well as an inspiring work environment.

The space now features four stunning single-person private suites, a large two-person suite complete with chromecast enabled tv for screen sharing capabilities, and eight private desks featuring a lockable rolling filing cabinet.

As we enter this unforeseen time period of social distancing and safety precautions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, rest assured that we have taken every measure possible to keep all our members safe.

Our members happiness and satisfactions has always been our highest priority and we’re taking that more seriously than ever, now. From continuing to provide our fantastic amenities in addition to making certain that masks, sanitizer, and cleaning products are available to our members, we have and always will go above and beyond to ensure an exceptional experience for our members; pandemic or not.

Silver Screen Coworks Management Team

Who We Are

Kaila Troia Co-Owner Silver Screen Coworks

Kaila Troia

Anthony Troia Co-Owner Silver Screen Coworks

Anthony Troia

Francesca DiMola Community Manage Silver Screen Coworks

Francesca DiMola

Community Manager

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