What is Coworking?

When you take people from businesses of all types and place them all in one location, something unique begins to take place. A transformation, if you will, of ideas that continuously evolve thanks to advice and input from those that challenge others to think outside the box.

That’s exactly what coworking brings to the table! A common work environment that provides a unique opportunity to network and benefit from the knowledge of people in alternate industries. And if you prefer to work alone, well that’s acceptable too!

Why Silver Screen Coworks?

Style, Comfort & Flexibility

Plans For All Budgets

Our membership options offer variety and month-to-month flexibility to accommodate workers of any budget and schedule.

Coworking plans for all budgets in Albany, NY - Silver Screen Coworks
Coworking tools to get the job done in Albany, NY - Silver Screen Coworks

Tools To Get The Job Done

From our fast and reliable Wifi to unlimited coffee and snacks, we provide everything you need to get the job done.